Meet the Artist

astrid 1Astrid was born in Bonn, and moved to the UK in 1993 to further her career as a commercial sales agent. She started her own business together with her husband, and the flexibility and financial independence this gave her enabled her to return to painting, her lifelong passion and interest.

Predominantly self-taught, but further educated by taking lessons and attending workshops, Astrid developed her love for watercolour painting. For a number of years she conducted classes aboard cruise ships, which gave her great pleasure as it offered her the opportunity to pass on her enthusiasm for watercolour painting to like-minded people. She emphasises the importance of painting for improving mental health, and as a de-stressing tool for all ages in our hectic and demanding world.

Astrid’s paintings use strong and vibrant colours to express herself. She paints intuitively and brings to paper what she sees and feels in the world around her. ‘I want to share with my viewers what attracts me, and what makes me tick – I do not want to create a photorealistic image – a camera is much better at that. I am painting from my heart and even if the day is dull and grey, colour it beautiful, and the world becomes a better place’.

Astrid loves travelling and has been lucky to visit many wonderful places. One of these is Grenada in the West Indies, which she has visited many times, and where she has many close friends. She also got married there. She has captured a lot of the stunning Grenadian scenery in many of her paintings, and has close links with a gallery in St. George’s which sells some of her works, prints and greeting cards.

Astrid became a proud British Citizen in 2005, and currently lives with her husband Mike and 4 dogs in a picturesque English village that also provides much inspiration for her work. She also enjoys gardening and reading and has become an active user of Social Media, so please connect with her on the links below, she will enjoy communicating with you.

‘For me painting is like a story which stimulates the imagination and draws the mind into a place filled with expectation, excitement, wonder and pleasure’.
J.P. Hughston

Astrid still works in her commercial role and enjoys all the daily challenges thrown at her, however, she spends every free moment and much of her weekends in her studio to paint.